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Our coaches are all, at a minimum, CrossFit Level 1 Certified and are required to take at least one training/certification course each year (most do much more than this).
We love learning and incorporating the knowledge we have gathered from our different backgrounds and specialties into one professional, cohesive fitness program. Our coaches’ goals are to educate, motivate, challenge, and encourage our athletes while keeping them safe.

CrossFit is a high-intensity program, and high-quality coaching is an absolute must. We don't cut corners and we don't compromise. 

Our Team

Owner - Head Coach - CrossFit & Nutrition Specialist / Ben Tyler [8 yrs exp]

Owner - Strength & Hypertrophy Specialist / Diana Tyler [6 yrs exp]

Coach Development and Movement Specialist / Evan Balfour [10 yrs exp]

CrossFit Specialist / Evan Cook [3 yrs exp]

Membership Director / Jennifer Glenn [6 yrs exp]

Social Media Director / Dani Nickle-Farmakakis [4 yrs exp]

CrossFit & Endurance Specialist / Emma Jewell [3 yrs exp]

Physical Therapist & Personal Trainer / Dr. Danielle Aguilar, PT, CPT [8 yrs exp]

Sports Performance Coach & Personal Trainer / Jimmy Gonzales [27 yrs exp]

Athlete Experience Manager / Crystal Juarez [2.5 yrs Crossfit, 10+ yrs HR]