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Our Coaching Team has thousands of hours and many years of Coaching experience. We use this deep experience to get our clients amazing results that will last.

We don't provide a “get fit in xx days!!!” or “take this pill/cleanse and lose xx lbs!!!” solution that you’ll look back on and wonder why you weren’t able to stay in shape. What we do provide is a life changing experience that is founded on a culture of people who don’t cut corners and put you, and your goals, first.

our team


Ben Tyler | Owner & Head Coach [9 yrs exp, 4600+ Coaching Hours]

Diana Tyler | Owner & Strength & Hypertrophy Specialist [7 yrs exp]

Evan Cook | CrossFit Specialist [4 yrs exp]

Emma Jewell | CrossFit & Endurance Specialist [3 yrs exp]

Jonathon Holliday | CrossFit & TeensSports Performance Specialist [8 yrs exp]

Ashley Stewart-Carnett | CrossFit Specialist [5 yrs exp]

Kevin Carnett | CrossFit Specialist [3 yrs exp, 750+ Coaching Hours}

Jennifer Glenn | Membership Director [6 yrs exp]

Dr. Danielle Aguilar, PT, CPT | Physical Therapist & Personal Trainer [8 yrs exp]

Jimmy Gonzales | Sports Performance Coach & Personal Trainer [27 yrs exp]

Crystal Juarez | Athlete Experience Manager [2.5 yrs Crossfit, 10+ yrs HR]

Lydia Wallie | Nutrition Specialist [4 yrs exp]

Sema Blair | Coaching Intern [8 yrs exp]