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925 Ambassador Program

2016-2017 925 Ambassador Program

925 Ambassadors will play a key role in our growth and activity as a close-knit, positive community.

A small number of Ambassadors will be selected and invited to represent the 925 community as a whole based on their participation, support, and love for our community of athletes. 

Minimum Requirements to apply to become a 925 Ambassador

  • At least 6 months of consistent attendance with no less than 3 classes per week.
  • Ability to commit to one full year of 925 Ambassador responsibilities.
  • Is aligned with the values of the 925 community.
  • Has and looks forward to making a positive impact in the 925 community.
  • Enjoys introducing and plugging new athletes into the 925 community.
  • Is available via e-mail, phone (text only is OK), or in person.

Expectations of a 925 Ambassador

  • Ability to meet 4 times a year (once a quarter) to advise 925 coaches and staff with constructive feedback and suggestions on how to improve our program.
  • Willingness to plan/coordinate/host community events (all ideas are welcome!) - seminars/pot-lucks/watch-parties/welcome events.
  • Stays until the end of workouts to cheer on the rest of the class (and encourages others to do so).
  • Attends one class time that is outside of their normal class time.
  • Helps suggest/plan/design new gear in coordination with 925 staff (t-shirts/tanks, socks, water bottles etc)
  • Arrives early to class to welcome new athletes and guide them through their first class (as schedule allows).
  • Represents 925 outside the box well and enjoys sharing info about 925.
  • Role model of respect for athletes and coaches.
  • Give constructive feedback on any issues that may arise in the 925 community.
  • May have other voluntary assignments based on the strengths of the specific ambassador(s).

Benefits of being a 925 Ambassador

  • Being able to make a difference in athletes' lives and positively affect the 925 community.
  • Upgrade to Unlimited and 30% off membership.
  • 2 Free 925 shirts or tanks.
  • Ambassador Profile on website.
  • Design/influence 925 gear.
  • Product Testers (programs, gear, supplements, refreshments).
  • Guide the direction and influence the growth of the 925 community.

How to Apply:

  • Send us an e-mail at and explain why you would like to be a 925 ambassador. We'll get in touch with you if selected!