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2016 925 Ambassador: Susan

We're happy to introduce another one of your 925 Abassadors, Susan Walp. Susan is a staple of the 6:15 AM class who has consistently made WOD after WOD and always maintains a smile, even when we happen to program too many burpees ;) Get to know her a bit more below:

I am 57 years old and have two amazing sons, one currently in college and one in the Army.  I have a wonderful and patient husband to whom I have been lucky enough to be married for thirty years.  I also have the world’s sweetest dog, Dee. 

I have a bachelor’s degree in business and worked as an optician for many years.  I greatly enjoy healthy cooking, baking, kayaking, hiking, and attempting to learn Spanish. 

I started CrossFit when my years of doing the same exercises no longer worked and I had shoulder and ankle injuries. CrossFit is a game changer for me.  I had accepted that I was getting older and there were things I could no longer do.  I was wrong. 

Since joining and participating in CrossFit 925, I have increased my strength, speed and for the first time in decades, I am making gains.  I had done P90X, martial arts, and long-distance running, yet I have never seen such a transformation in my abilities as I have with CrossFit.  I intend to continue on for as long as I can, which at this point, I’m hoping will be around 104 years old.