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2017 925 Ambassador: Dave

Dave has been a part of the 925 community for over a year and is a constant source of encouragement, humor, and genuine care for others. We're thankful to have him represent 925 as one of our Ambassadors!

My name is David Glesne, but no one calls me David; I’m Dave, Doc, or Dr. Dave.  I’m 51 and retired after a career as a Molecular Biologist at The University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory. 

I’ve been a life-long athlete. I skied, swam, cycled, hiked, and played tennis and lacrosse as a kid. I did more individual sports as a middle-ager, such as mountain biking, running, golf, and I’ve done a couple dozen triathlons.  All the while I have incorporated cardio and strength training on some level, sometimes formally, often haphazardly. 

While at the time I thought this approach rigorous, it seemed to lead to plateaus and often boredom.  No more… CrossFit has been a true game changer for me and I am hooked. 

I was introduced to 925 by my wife, who started along with my son about six months before me.  It was immediately four to five WODs a week for me. Nothing hits your whole body like a series of well-designed WODs. 

The coaching at 925 is great and Olympic lifts that once seemed intimidating are starting to have a great impact on my strength.  The coaching and workout design is first-rate; it all makes sense.  But the highlight for me is the camaraderie.  This box is my friends.  We encourage each other, give our best effort, suffer and succeed as a group.