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2017 925 Ambassador: Sema

We're excited to highlight Sema and give you a chance to get to know her! She's been a 925 Ambassador since late last year and we're thankful to have her encouragement and bright personality at the box. She's been a staple at the 4:30 class and consistently works hard and challenges herself and those around her. We hope you enjoy reading her story!

You can't be afraid of failure. You’re not going to succeed in anything if you’re afraid of failing at it.  You have to be willing to take the risks.  -Katrin Davidsdottir (2016 CF Fittest Woman)

Growing up I wasn’t always into sports.  I played softball, was on the swim team and even tried the dance team in high school. But none of those sports ever really kept me interested long enough to stay.  Then during my senior year I started running with my dad and that became my passion. I was young (18yrs old) and had all sorts of stamina.  But when I joined the AF in Sept 1999 and no longer had my running partner, I stopped running all together. 

About 3yrs into my enlistment I met my wonderful husband, Matt. Matt and I welcomed our first daughter Madison in 2004 and our 2nd daughter Isabella in 2011.  It was in 2011 that I started to get really serious about my fitness.  I’d started seeing a personal trainer and also started running and training for my first half marathon.  Early in August of 2011 Matt was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer.  He had surgery within days of finding out and I continued running.  This time with a purpose.  I knew that my husband was fighting for his life and pushing my body in running long distances was my way of fighting with him. He was out of the hospital by mid-October (cancer free) and cheering me on by the beginning of November at my first half marathon.

Wanting to broaden my scope of the fitness world and my experiences I started looking into Crossfit.  Looking into it I found what I wanted and joined my first box that spring.  And I loved it!  I loved pushing my body to limits I had no idea existed and finding that my body was far more capable than I thought.  The coaches and members of that box we wonderful. They helped in getting me comfortable with lifting and new techniques I wasn’t too keen on.  Then in 2015 I was transferred from Lackland AFB to Randolph AFB and due to distance I could no longer attend classes at my box.  During my search for a new box I would go to the base gym and workout.  But it wasn’t the same and I had to find a new box home.  I wanted a box that was really friendly, with outgoing people that honestly, felt like a family.  When I stepped into Crossfit 925 I found just that. 

I honestly feel very blessed to have found Crossfit 925.  The coaches and owners are absolutely amazing.  Every single one of them takes the time to really get engaged with the athletes.  There is never a time that they will not make themselves available if you need them.  They really take the time to go over everything from something as simple as a proper push-up to learning a proper snatch.  I genuinely believe that CF925 is the best of everything.   CF925 is family and they treat their athletes as such.  They will push you, cheer you on and tell you to slow down when it’s needed. 

I’m now 39yrs old and in the best shape I’ve ever been in.  With the help of my husband, coaches and fellow athletes here at CF925 I plan on continuing this journey.  My goal is also get both my girls into CF as well.  I’m teaching them that being fit and strong is beautiful.  I know how CF has grown my confidence and I know it will do the same for them. 

My prayer is that I will have the opportunity show others what a great family environment and community we have in CF925.   I know how blessed I am being surrounded by great people and I want to share that.

Because really, what could be better than working out with like-minded people…that are more like family????