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2016 925 Ambassador: Kristin

Kristin is our 4th 925 Ambassador for 2016 and is one of the hardest working, most determined athletes among our many at 925. She shows up, works hard, and encourages those around her the entire time she's at the box. We love having her and her attitude as a part of the 925 community! You can get to know her below!

I grew up playing many sports, from soccer and swimming to track and even a little Olympic lifting.  I’ve tried everything from lifting in a globo gym to Krav Maga and MMA. But, I always ended up bored rather quickly and quit.  Once I had my son, I fell into a rut of running – not because I necessarily loved it but because I could do it almost anywhere in a short period of time. 

My husband, tired of hearing me complain, told me to check out CrossFit (which he now regrets because it’s all I ever want to do).  From the moment I walked into 925 (Dec. 2013) and wrecked myself for a week after completing a benchmark workout known as"Cindy," I was hooked!  

CrossFit 925 is simply the best of all worlds.  Our community is like my teammates from sports growing up, there to push you when you need it and share your pain through an agonizing workout.  Our coaches truly are that and not just a trainer collecting fees. They push us to our limits but but are also careful not to let us go too far.  

The workouts are constantly varied, never allowing you to get bored or settle for working on the things you're particularly good at. I am motivated by seeing others achieve their own goals, especially those who never thought they could. And the nutrition challenges and regular guidance have not only taught me a lot about what to eat, but have also sparked my own personal curiosity in reading and learning more about nutrition for my entire family. 

I am 37 years old, in the best shape of my life, and now know that I can continue to get stronger and healthier as I age.  Never until this point in my life, and with the support of CrossFit, have I become comfortable and proud of being muscular – something I struggled with as a teen.  I’m thrilled to see more and more young girls embracing their strength instead of “feeling like a man” because they are strong.  

CrossFit also helps me tremendously professionally.  I am better able to set a plan for long-term goals and maintain patience in getting there, chipping away day by day.  And, best of all, I see my kids wanting to participate and embracing lifelong fitness and health!