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We take our responsibility to our current and prospective athletes seriously. Please be prepared for your consultation by spending some time thinking about your fitness and health goals. We'll be happy to discuss them with you and personalize a plan to enable you to reach them. We will also be able to help you understand if 925 is the right fit for you as well as our athlete community.

We help athletes reach their goals every day and are happy to spend our time teaching, encouraging, and motivating our community.

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Every athlete new to 925, experienced or beginner goes through our Essentials Course. The Course is designed to be a great place for beginners to start as well as help advanced athletes perfect their movements and learn something new.

An experienced Coach will cover the Science of CrossFit, Nutrition, Gymnastics and Olympic Lifting. There is significant movement education and work during this course, so every athlete leaves with a better understanding of proper human movement.

As an experienced CrossFit Athlete, if you are unwilling to complete the Essentials Program, you will not be allowed to join 925. Having an open mind and the ability to learn, regardless of the experience level, is a key trait of the 925 athlete community.