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925 and InsideTracker have teamed up to bring you, as a 925 Athlete, high-end science based training feedback through blood testing. Inside Tracker provides your 925 coach with the results of your blood test and gives them the information they need to dial in your nutrition, training, and recovery so you can maximize your performance. The tests are set up in tiers, or pick-and-choose packages, so you may go as in-depth as you wish, or, via guidance from your coach, pick a few specific items to watch that will help you the most.

Take a look below and remember to use Code: 'CrossFit925' when purchasing your test package.



if you can't measure it, how can you know if it's changing? In CrossFit, we are obsessed with numbers: times, weights, distances, power output, etc. We use numbers to document our performances so we can compare them with our previous results to see how far we've come. We also use these numbers set new, realistic, measurable goals. InsideTracker allows us to go even further down the rabbit hole of measuring, tweaking, and finessing our training, nutrition, and recovery. Providing both you and your coach with Inside Tracker's suite of test results gives your coach an in-depth look at how you are responding to nutrition, training frequency, and even your current life situation. Once we have the data, we can make adjustments to ensure you are achieving world-class results.

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CrossFit + Nutrition is the most effective, science based way to improve your overall fitness, bar none. Adding InsideTracker to monitor adjustments to your training regimen or nutrition allows your coach to eliminate inefficiencies and adjust for your specific goals on a highly detailed and traceable level. Inside Tracker provides another level of scientific support to your training.


Competitive edge

The Sport Of Fitness is more competitive each year and athletes need every edge they can get - from personal coaching, to quality training time, to perfectly dialed in nutrition. InsideTracker provides a portal into how your body is responding to the stress of training competitively. Get ahead of the game and know what is going on inside your body.                                                

I am scared to death of needles but I want to make sure I have my body as good as it can get. Every 6-8 weeks I have my blood drawn to see where my body stands and if my biomarkers are optimized. Then, based on my results I get suggestions on foods to eat more / less of to maximize my progress. I am always so excited to get the results!
— Katrin Tanja Davidsdottir, 2015 & 2016 CrossFit Games Fittest Woman on Earth