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The philosophy behind the 925 Iron Athlete Strength & Conditioning Program is to develop a "full body" athlete by focusing on all of the physical and mental aspects of player development. It must be understood that every aspect of the Iron Athlete Program has a very specific role in developing strength, explosiveness, speed, flexibility, balance, conditioning and mental toughness. The Iron Athlete Program is designed specifically for kids ages 13-18.

iron athlete ages and options

  • Our Strength and Conditioning program is specifically designed for kids ages 13-18.

  • Schedule runs from June 10th - July 18th, 2019.

  • M-T-W-Th, 7:30-9:30 AM.

  • No class on July 4th!


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  • Early Bird Sign-Up (Before May 10th) | $25/OFF

  • We only offer a limited number of slots in order to keep the quality of instruction as high as possible for each Iron Athlete. This will not be a "large group class" setting where you will miss out on coaching. We pride ourselves on providing one-on-one attention by maintaining small classes.

***10 Athlete Cap***


To reserve your spot for the next training course, please e-mail Jonathon Holliday at or, you may reach him at (210) 269-0370.


Strength Training

The Strength Training portion of our summer Iron Athlete program is designed to develop your overall strength, flexibility, body control and explosiveness by concentrating on quick and explosive lifts. It will be important that you understand how to calculate your percentages (percentages of your maximum lifts) on the core lifts (deadlifts, squat, hang cleans, etc.) in order to maximize your training.

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Maintaining flexibility MUST be a constant element to an effective strength and conditioning program. When an athlete is not able to put a body joint through the proper range of motion, it can limit performance while increasing the risk of injury.



Conditioning should be cycled with light, medium and heavy days to avoid over-training. It will be important that you come into your next season already in great condition from our Iron Athlete program. We would rather you spend your preseason focusing on fundamentals, schemes and execution rather than overcoming a missed opportunity over the summer to become well-conditioned, well-rounded athletes.

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Speed Development

The Speed Development portion of the Iron Athlete program is critical in developing the fundamentals in effective and efficient movement. Each drill and exercise must be done at a maximum level.

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Mental Toughness

You are capable to do more than you think you can! Our Iron Athlete program will challenge your body beyond its comfort level. Expect to hit barriers and be prepared to overcome the adversity and temptation to cut corners. You will develop the ability and capacity to push through barriers created by pain and fatigue. This mental toughness will carry onto the practice and game fields as well.

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You are what you put in your body. Eating properly can enhance your physical development while developing a healthy lifestyle. You will be coached on proper nutrition and how to dial it in as an athlete.



“I highly recommend 925 Iron Athlete summer program with Jonathon. My son Le’Voun, who was 14, enrolled in this program last summer with his friend, Eric. I sent Le’Voun to the 925 Iron Athlete program to keep him on a regular schedule to learn about discipline, fitness, nutrition and health as an overall concept in preparation for when he leaves for college and becomes an independent young adult. Erica is a swimmer and attended the program to improve strength and endurance in preparation for the next school year swim competition. Both of them enjoyed their time at the gym with Jonathon. They both learned a lot in 6 weeks, made friends and stayed active over the summer.” - Siang Ombaba

To reserve your spot for our next training course, please e-mail Jonathon Holliday at or, you may reach him at (210) 269-0370.

Everyone who competes in the games goes through strict training. They do it to get a crown that will not last, but we do it to get a crown that will last forever
— 1 Corinthians 9:25