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Program Schedule and format

LIFT is programmed in 6-Week Blocks and meets 2 times per week (Monday and Thursday). Each Block will have a different focus: Back, Lower Body, Shoulders, etc. Each Block will be tailored to build size and strength in the targeted area. 

LIFT is strictly weightlifting and is ideal for those looking to augment and/or spice up their own fitness program, or as an addition to CrossFit. It is also a great opportunity to receive significant personalized instruction and attention to help you not only refine your form, but get the specific results you're looking for.

Program Fees are: $245/6 Weeks (non-925 Athlete), $140/6 Weeks (925 Athlete) - Each LIFT Block is limited to 6 athletes MAX.

*925 Athletes ask a Coach for the current member discount code

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Muscular Durability

Lift is designed to help you not only gain muscle mass, but also train volume and flexibility. Taking the time to focus on each movement will allow you to train correct movement patterns which will build durability. 


Muscle tone and definition

Through the design of each LIFT Block, you will be able to focus on an area for 6 solid weeks. By doing this, you can strengthen your weaknesses in those areas as well as see positive changes in your muscle tone and definition. Added to CrossFit, LIFT is a highly effective way to enhance your training.