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Our Facility

welcome to 925!



925’s Facility was designed and built from the ground up to be high-end in every detail. From our 74’ Rogue Monster-Lite Rig with more than enough pull-up, squat and ring stations to our fully stocked cafe (serving only the best fresh-brewed Onyx Coffee Lab on our premium Fetco Coffee Extractor, of course!) and our modern, beautiful bathrooms complete with showers and stocked toiletries, the facility was designed to provide our athletes with a home away from home. We encourage our members to come early and stay late and enjoy a cup of coffee or recovery drink in the air conditioning.


Equipment and fuel

925 is fully outfitted with the best equipment available: Concept 2 Rowers, Rogue Competition Plates, Barbells (5-45lb), Dumbbells (5-100lb), a 74’ Rogue Monster Lite Rig, Y2 Yoke, Rogue Reverse Hyper, Rogue GHDs, Rogue and Assault Air Bikes, Ski Erg, Dynamax Wall-Balls, D-Balls (10-100lb), Sandbags, Agility equipment, Grip and Pulling accessories, Dip stations, Rogue Soft Plyo Boxes, Custom-made 20”/24” Boxes, Axle bars, Full-Size Foam Rollers and a huge variety of Mobility Equipment, Swiss Balls, Rogue Dog-Sled, Abmats, and even a couple Atlas stones.

Our cafe is stocked with well-vetted healthy recovery and supplement options kept fresh and easily accessible for all your pre or post workout needs. We strongly believe in staying as natural as possible, so we only carry products without artificial sweeteners and without unnatural extras.

Classroom and auxiliary training space

Designed with a purpose, 925 also has a dedicated air-conditioned classroom space used for seminars and certifications, Coach and Athlete training classes, events, and Personal Training. It’s a sleek, quiet space connected directly to our cafe, where more coffee and conversations can be enjoyed. We’ve enjoyed hosting CrossFit and other well known professional certifications as well as in-house events. We also do goofy things like play Ping-Pong in the air-conditioning after class!


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During this 15 minute tour, we will A) discuss your goals and how we can develop a plan to achieve them, B) answer any questions you may have, and C) tell you who we are and what we do.