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"it's the friends we meet along the way that help us appreciate the journey"

our partners

925 is supported by our community of athletes and other awesome organizations such as Airrosti and Whole Foods. We work with our partners to promote fitness and healthy living through various fun events (workouts, fundraisers etc) and media. We're always looking for other health and fitness minded organizations who put people's health first. Our goal is to help as many people as we can take control of their lives by educating them on how to take care of their bodies through fitness, nutrition, and recovery.

If you are interested in being a partnering with us, please send us an inquiry at

As Head of Athlete Services of the CrossFit Games, Airrosti keeps athletes pain free and at the top of their game. Airrosti Providers pinpoint the cause of annoying aches and pains and treat it directly at the source. This allows CrossFitters to get back in the box quickly so they can reach their next PR. Sign up today to experience how Airrosti can help you fix your pain, fast.

Find out more about Airrosti or schedule your appointment now. 

At Whole Foods Market®, "healthy" means a whole lot more. It goes beyond good for you, to also encompass the greater good. Whether you're hungry for better, or simply food-curious, we offer a place for you to shop where value is inseparable from values.

These eight core values are the backbone of our company culture and how we aspire to do business every day – with you, our supplier partners, our customer and worker communities, and each other.

To give you the best experience and products, we consider quality the highest form of value. Here that means strict standards that take into account such things as artificial food preservatives, sustainable seafood, animal welfare, antibiotics in meat and pesticides in vegetables. We don’t sell just anything, because when you want natural food products, we are committed to going beyond your expectations.

As a store that brings local and global products to you, we believe that community extends beyond the boundaries of the towns and cities where we have stores. We're committed to improving the lives and opportunities of people in communities around the world where we do business.