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Dani Nickle-Farmakakis


Social media director | CrossFit Level 2 | 4 years experience

Specialties: Competitors | Women's Training

Coaching the whole person, not just the athlete, is my biggest passion. I chose to continue down the career path of being a coach because I knew the lasting impression that my coaches had had on me, not only as a competitive athlete for the last 16 years, but in becoming the woman that I am today.

CrossFit has also brought a family centered environment to my lifestyle and has allowed me to grow my own family within the gym. 925 is the perfect example of what that means. Of all the gyms that I have been a part of in San Antonio, 925 is the first one that literally has entire families that are members there. 925 has set the standard, in my mind, of what it means to coach the whole athlete... the whole family. Not only do they support this lifestyle in their members athletes, they also support it in their coaches.

I first found CrossFit in 2009 while working at Lululemon Athletica and it immediately fostered my need for competition after finishing my last year as a D1 athlete. I was able to continue to grow as an athlete, becoming more fit training an hour a day training between 4-5 hours a day in college. But something was still missing, I just didn't know what it was.

After about an 18 month hiatus from training, I was engaged to be married and was not happy with my body image. It was then that I turned back to CrossFit to get my body ready to wear a wedding dress. I found a coach that had faith in me as an athlete, even though I was 60 lbs over weight, and guided me back to my love for fitness. Within the year, I was a successful competitive athlete and had shed my way back to the athletic body that I knew. It was then that I figured out what I was missing, that innate ability for a coach, a dedicated coach, to change my life. I knew right then I had to share that passion and received my L1 in 2013. I immediately started coaching full time, and the rest is history.

In the 10 years of coaching women's sports and now 4 years of CrossFit, my number one goal is still  to dedicate my time as a coach into helping people realize that they are athletes regardless of where they are at. Whether it is new to fitness, Post-Partum, post injury, or simply looking to change a part of their life, it is my goal to help them reach theirs both in the gym and out.