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Program Details

Program details



925 is not like every other gym. We do not focus on the number of athletes we have at the gym, rather, we focus on the quality we provide to each athlete in our community. If you are serious about changing your life, we will be there for you every step of the way.

We focus on quality, professionalism, and results in everything we do at 925:

professional, experienced coaching

exceptional, intelligent programming

caring, supportive community

a program centered on you, not the masses

high-end facilities and equipment

Our goal is to consistently go above and beyond expectations and provide a world-class fitness experience. We don't have contracts to tie you to us, but rely on providing quality you cannot get anywhere else.




Every athlete new to 925, experienced or beginner goes through our Essentials Course. The Course is designed to be a great place for beginners to start as well as help advanced athletes perfect their movements and learn something new.

An experienced Coach will cover the Science of CrossFit, Nutrition, Gymnastics and Olympic Lifting. There is significant movement education and work during this course, so every athlete leaves with a better understanding of proper human movement.

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Crossfit Options

Our CrossFit Program is designed to be extremely personalized while incorporating an incredibly supportive community of athletes and coaches. We offer multiple different options to allow each athlete to work at their own pace; from Group Classes to Personal Training, or both (Hybrid).  925 is designed to make it nearly impossible not to succeed.

Hybrid Packages are: Unlimited CrossFit Classes + 1 Personal Training Session/month (Level 1). Level 2 is 2 Personal Training Sessions per month, etc.

*Must Complete Essentials Prior To Enrolling


Personal Training

Personal Training is a perfect route for those wanting personalized attention before joining Group Classes. Or, for those who are interested in achieving specific goals such as training for a sport or simply wanting to laser focus on their aerobic capacity or weight loss, Personal Training is a solid option. We've found that Personal Training coupled with CrossFit (Hybrid Training) is a Fitness 1-2 Punch.