Stronger Together
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"Quality is not an act, it is a habit"

Our Classes

We offer CrossFit classes at convenient times throughout the day to fit any schedule.

All of our classes last one hour and consist of a coach-led warm-up specific to the day's workout, movement practice and instruction, then the day's WOD (workout of the day). We finish off with targeted mobility. Our goal is to teach each athlete something new every single day.

We also cap our classes at 12 athletes, which allows for an incredible level of personal interaction from our coaches. Each athlete is able to have the workout tailored to their unique, individual needs by an attentive coach who will instruct and encourage them during the workout.


925 Strong

Nine Two Five Strong is tailored for the Competitive CrossFit athlete and augments the main CrossFit 925 programming. We believe that, when building a well rounded athlete, the solution is not as simple as stacking on more volume. The answer lies in the quality of training, as well as the ability to master the movements and skills involved in the sport of fitness. Mechanics. Consistency. Intensity. is key.

925 Strong will take you, as an athlete, analyze your weaknesses, and help you tailor your training to exactly what you need to be a well-rounded CrossFit Competitor.

Learn more about 925 Strong.