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Fuel For Fire

What is Fuel For Fire?

Fuel For Fire was founded in 2012 by Professional Chef and 6x Ironman Triathlete Rob Gilfeather. He saw a need for a convenient snack made from real food that provided the energy required to fuel and recover from his workouts. After experimenting with recipes in his kitchen, Rob began sharing them at his local gym. People loved his delicious fruit + protein blends knowing they were getting real food and balanced nutrition with each sip. Fuel For Fire was the first-to-market Fruit + Protein blend, but we didn’t rush things to get there. We consulted with nutritionists and athletes like ourselves to come up with the cleanest, best tasting, performance snack. The result is an optimal, low-calorie, balance of carbs and protein, with no added fats to slow you down. Fuel For Fire stands behind the value of simple ingredients and the notion that less is more-- we never compromise quality or flavor by taking shortcuts. Enjoy Fuel For Fire the same way you might consume a protein bar or shake-- pre-workout, post-workout or anytime as a healthy snack!

925 Recommendation: We love these as a pre, intra, or post workout boost. For those early morning athletes, F4F is a perfect calorie and protein boost first thing in the morning before your workouts (we also like greek yogurt!). For the afternoon or evening athletes, same goes - especially if you're dragging in the afternoon and need some fuel for your workout. It is also a great quick shot of protein to help you start recovering post workout.